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Continuous & Wired/ Wireless Condition Monitoring & IIoT

Continuous Condition Monitoring System
Although it is a part of OM 4.0 Program, we can develop it separately on demand for given machines.
Mainly, Vibration, Temperature, Pressure, Oil Level are the parameters to be monitored under Continuous Condition Monitoring.
Periodic Manual Condition Monitoring has its limitations. The frequency of periodic manual condition monitoring may be as high as a fortnight or as low as half yearly.
There is always a danger of failure of critical machines in between two consecutive periodic manual condition monitoring visits.
Few of the most critical machines & complex machines and machines were access to man is difficult, strongly need continuous monitoring.
We take the following steps while executing CCM Program.
  1. Evaluation of Necessity of CCM
  2. Selection of Critical Machines for CCM
  3. Identification of CM Tool or Group, viz., vibration, temperature, pressure, etc. for every selected machine under CCM.
  4. Designing the CCM System
  5. Supply and Installation of CCM System.
The Continuous Condition Monitoring Sensors may be wired or wireless and depend on the design and requirements. (Please see the links given at left of this page for more details.