SSPN ReliabilityEdge Pvt. Ltd.


About Us

SSPN ReliabilityEdge Pvt Ltd is an Omkar Group company. 

We are a company group having experience of 35 years in maintenance/ refurbishing of Large/ Extra Large Electrical Rotating Machines, Pumps, Gear Boxes, and Compressors.

We have gone through almost every problem/ Catastrophic Failures concerned about above-listed types of equipment. And finally came to the conclusion that every of this failure would have been avoided and huge expenses on repair/ production losses could have been saved.

Adopting a strategy like RCM or TPM or Organic Maintenance 4.0 is the way to save such sudden failures & losses.

We found most of our customers wherein Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance and very few were entered into Condition Monitoring of few machines. We found lesser awareness among our customers about new techniques of maintenance by which they could have to save heavy losses and achieve undisturbed continuous production.

And we thought of providing ‘Proactive Maintenance’ solutions to our customers and hence, this venture, PROACTIVE MAINTENANCE PEOPLE.

We are basically in ‘VIBRATION ANALYSIS’, “THERMOGRAPHY’ & ‘ULTRASOUND ANALYSIS’. These are the NDT services and major tools of proactive maintenance.

One need experts and trained certified personals to analyze the reports of these tests. An untrained, non-certified person may wrongly conclude or may not reach to the root cause. We have a team of certified engineers, done level I certification in these methods. Our Mr Sunil Keluskar is ASNT Level III/ Level II certified in Thermography, Vibration Analysis, and Ultrasound Analysis.

The venture gives training on different maintenance philosophies and tries to spread awareness among companies about correct maintenance practices.