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Organic Maintenance 4.0, RCM, TPM

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Organic Maintenance 4.0

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Properly implemented Organic Maintenance 4.0 means,
Zero Production Loss
Zero Fatal Accidents
Zero Catastrophic Accidents
Reduced Maintenance Cost
Lesser Tension on Maintenance Team 

The RCM & TPM were invented since 1970. Both have many PROS & many CONS. In today's scenario implementing RCM or TPM effectively is never ending process. Both concepts are more theoretical and difficult to implement. There is one more concept called Business Centered Maintenance (BCM). The best points of TPM are not covered in RCM, or BCM & vice versa. Each of these concepts has limitations. 

OM 4.0 is in line with Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. 

Our innovation 'Organic Maintenance 4.0' blends of  RCM, TPM & BCM. Unlike other three, OM 4.0 is more Practical, Easily Implementable & Effective concept. 

Features of OM 4.0 includes Customized Maintenance StrategyPdM Strategy (it includes Condition Based PM strategy), PRM Strategy (It includes Run Based & Time Based PM Strategy), PdM implementation, Installation Checks, Health Checkup, RCA,  FEA, Energy Audits, Support in Procurement, Continuous/ Remote/ Wireless Condition Monitoring, IIoT, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Prescriptive Maintenance (RxM), Optimisation of Process, Optimisation of Machines, Technical Trainings & Management Trainings to Maintenance Team. 

The basic model of OM 4.0 is given in the PIPF Curve, our innovation.