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Ultrasound Analysis

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The basic advantages of ultrasound and ultrasonic instruments are:
1. Ultrasound emissions are directional.
2. Ultrasound tends to be highly localized.
3. Ultrasound provides early warning of impending mechanical failure
4. The instruments can be used in loud, noisy environments
5. They support and enhance other PDM technologies or can stand on their own in a maintenance program
When used as part of a condition monitoring program, ultrasound instruments help improve asset availability and save energy.
Once established, ultrasound can be used as the “first line of defense” to:
• Inspect equipment fast
• Screen out anomalies
• Set up alarm groups for detailed analysis and further action

Application of Ultrasound Analysis:
Bearings Monitoring
Condition-Based Acoustic Greasing (Lubrication)
Compressed Air Pipe Lines Leakages
Oxygen/ Hydrogen/LGP/ PNG gas leakages from cylinders/ Tankers/ Pipelines.
Corona/Tracking/Arcing at Overhead Lines: Conditions Prior to Arcing: Nuisance Corona, Destructive Corona, Baby Tracking & Advance Tracking are early conditions only detectable acoustically. Advance conditions are visible with infrared cameras.
Corona/ Tracking/ Arcing in Switchgears, Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Insulators, Potheads, Junction Boxes, Panels.
Steam Trap Performance Detection
Pump Cavitations
Leak/ Tightness Testing of Transport Containers,
Gear Boxes Health Check Up/ Monitoring
Underground Pipe Line Leak Checking: If there is no temperature difference in the fluid through the underground pipeline and ground than, it is not possible to detect the leak by Thermography. In that case, we can detect it with the help of Ultrasound Detector.

Again, it is possible even in thermography, if we change the temperature of fluid in pipeline or otherwise, we need to pressurize the pipe line by compressed air and then, easily an airborne detector detects the leak.
Vacuum Leaks in Multiple-Effect Evaporator
Diesel Engines Monitoring
Condensers Leaks
Compressor Valves
Hydraulic Systems
Heat Exchangers Leak Detection