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Condition Monitoring

It is a process of monitoring the condition of equipment periodically.

There are 5 types of condition monitoring tools,
1. Vibration Analysis,
2. Thermography,
3. Ultrasound Analysis,
4. Oil Analysis,
5. Root Cause Analysis

One can not carry Condition Monitoring only with Vibration Analysis. It requires, combination of above techniques to monitor all aspects of any machine.

The condition monitoring not always possible with any of these single technique but one should use combination of these techniques for condition monitoring of any equipment.

For example, bearings are little difficult to inspect with Vibration Analysis, but adding Ultrasound Analysis can give correct condition of bearing. Again to monitor temperature at bearings and windings, thermography is necessary. To monitor parameters like foundation strength, base rail deformation, bent shaft, cocked in/out bearings, unbalance coupling, soft foot, piping strength, misalignment, resonance, ecentric rotor, unbalanced rotor, we need vibration analysis and just to monitor vibration at machine, vibration measurement is sufficient, no need to go for expensive analysis.

It is seen that, the maintenance executives in industries, depend only on Vibration Analysis as condition monitoring tehnique, just because it is well known and rarely we get vendors expert in all techniques but no monitoring is possible with single technique in many cases. 

For Example, In Electric Motor, 

Through Vibration Analysis, we get idea about bent shaft, brocken rotor bar (winding), eceentric rotor, unbalance, misalignment, resonance, soft foot, faulty base rail, faulty foundation, fastening,  etc but may not get correct idea about bearing as bearing defect noise is much neglegible than other noises due to misalignment, unbalance etc.

Here to inspect condition of bearing Ultrasound Analysis is best tool as it removes all other noises and only gives bearing noise as output. 

Now what about windings? The windings and bearings can be checked with Infra Red Thermography

Obviously, condition monitoring of electric motor should include Vibration Analysis & Ultrasound Analysis as a must and if we add InfraRed Thermography it will be thorough condition monitoring. 

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